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Conflicts/Sharing is located in the Hardware Resources category in System Information. It displays devices that share the same resources, such as direct memory access (DMA), IRQs, and memory.

In general, shared resources are not problematic, but investigating potential conflicts can help resolve issues. If you are having a problem with a device, check Conflicts/Sharing to verify that there are no sharing conflicts. Locate the device in the Device column in the details pane, and then verify which resource the device uses in the Resource column. Devices that share the same resource have duplicate entries in the Resource column. For example, you may have two adapters that share the same IRQ channel, such as IRQ 5. If the problem device shares a resource with another device, there may be a conflict. You can use Device Manager to troubleshoot the problem.

Msinfo32 Conflicts/Sharing
Msinfo32 Conflicts/Sharing