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CPU Benchmark Online

“CPU Benchmark Online” is a processor performance test allowing you to test online your CPU speed and to find out how fast is your processor in comparison to others. You do not need to install or configure anything — the test works directly in the browser. Just submit the form below and watch the results in real time. After the test is successfully completed, you will see the rank of your processor, and you will receive a permalink to share your results.

Your CPU Model (for example, Intel Core i7-6700K or Qualcomm Snapdragon 810)
Your Message (for example, describe your device and the purpose of testing)

Testing is performed according to certain rules, so the CPU load will be the same for all users and the performance score will be quite fair. Your results will be saved only if the test is successfully completed. Considering this, once you have started the test, do not refresh the page and do not close the browser.

Testing will last about five minutes and gradually will increase the load on the processor. During the test, your computer, laptop or smartphone will be heavily loaded, thus for some time the system may hang, and the temperature of the device may increase. For better results, close other applications and do not switch to other tabs.

Feel free to run as many tests as you want to achieve the desired result.

If you want to know how good is your CPU at heavy load, run the CPU Stress Test.