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Display is located in the Components category in System Information. It lists information about the display devices on your system. You can use this information to determine the manufacturer of the device and then contact the manufacturer for device updates. You can also verify the display resolution, which helps troubleshoot display problems.

Each display device connected to your PC will contain the following information:

  • PNP Device ID
  • Adapter Type
  • Adapter Description
  • Adapter RAM
  • Installed Drivers
  • Driver Version
  • INF File
  • Color Planes
  • Color Table Entries
  • Resolution
  • Bits/Pixel
  • Memory Address
  • Memory Address
  • I/O Port
  • IRQ Channel
  • I/O Port
  • I/O Port
  • Memory Address
  • Driver
Msinfo32 Display
Msinfo32 Display

You should use Device Manager to verify that your system is using signed drivers.