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CD-ROM is located in the Components category in System Information. It contains information about the CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drives, including the drive letter assigned to it, the description, the manufacturer, and its status.

If you are experiencing problems when you play CDs, try cleaning the CD. If cleaning the CD does not fix the problem, you can use Device Manager to troubleshoot the problem. Occasionally, the drive letter assigned to the CD-ROM device is reassigned. You can use Disk Manager to verify the drive letter assignments.

For each drive, you get the following data:

  • Drive
  • Description
  • Media Loaded
  • Media Type
  • Name
  • Manufacturer
  • Status
  • Transfer Rate
  • SCSI Target ID
  • PNP Device ID
  • Driver
Msinfo32 CD-ROM
Msinfo32 CD-ROM