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System Summary

System Summary is the first category in the System Information category tree. The details pane displays general information about your computer and its operating system. You can view information about the operating system name, version, manufacturer, and directory location. You can verify the version of the BIOS or EFI, the processor type, and memory information.

You can use System Summary to:

  • Check the BIOS or EFI version and date.
  • Find out the name of the CPU.
  • Determine the directory in which the operating system is installed.
  • Verify that new memory is installed correctly by checking Total Physical Memory and Available Physical Memory.
  • Check the Page File Space value if the computer is having memory problems. Page File Space is the physical space on the hard disk that the operating system uses to increase the apparent size of RAM.
Msinfo32 System Summary
Msinfo32 System Summary

The full list of values provided by Msinfo32 System Summary:

  • OS Name
  • Version
  • Other OS Description
  • OS Manufacturer
  • System Name
  • System Manufacturer
  • System Model
  • System Type
  • Processor
  • BIOS Version/Date
  • SMBIOS Version
  • Windows Directory
  • System Directory
  • Boot Device
  • Locale
  • Hardware Abstraction Layer
  • User Name
  • Time Zone
  • Installed Physical Memory (RAM)
  • Total Physical Memory
  • Available Physical Memory
  • Total Virtual Memory
  • Available Virtual Memory
  • Page File Space
  • Page File