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Print Jobs

Print Jobs is located in the Software Environment category in System Information. It contains information about the current print jobs on your system, including the document name, size, owner, time submitted, and pages printed, along with other information.

Print Job is the source code that contains both the data to be printed and the commands for print. Print jobs are classified into data types based on what modifications, if any, the spooler must make to the job for it to print correctly.

List of columns available for each print job:

  • Document
  • Size
  • Owner
  • Notify
  • Status
  • Time Submitted
  • Start Time
  • Until Time
  • Elapsed Time
  • Pages Printed
  • Job ID
  • Priority
  • Parameters
  • Driver
  • Print Processor
  • Host Print Queue
  • Data Type
  • Name
Msinfo32 Print Jobs
Msinfo32 Print Jobs

Only documents that are currently printing appear here. For more information about the printers that are installed on your system, see Printing.