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Network is located in the Components category in System Information. It contains three subcategories: Adapter, Protocol, and WinSock. These subcategories display information about the network adapters, protocols, and WinSock settings on your system.

Network adapters contain approximately the following information:

  • Name
  • Adapter Type
  • Product Type
  • Installed
  • PNP Device ID
  • Last Reset
  • Index
  • Service Name
  • IP Address
  • IP Subnet
  • Default IP Gateway
  • DHCP Enabled
  • DHCP Server
  • DHCP Lease Expires
  • DHCP Lease Obtained
  • MAC Address
  • I/O Port
  • Memory Address
  • Memory Address
  • IRQ Channel
  • Driver
Msinfo32 Network Adapters
Msinfo32 Network Adapters

A little less data will contain network protocols:

  • Name
  • Connectionless Service
  • Guarantees Delivery
  • Guarantees Sequencing
  • Maximum Address Size
  • Maximum Message Size
  • Message Oriented
  • Minimum Address Size
  • Pseudo Stream Oriented
  • Supports Broadcasting
  • Supports Connect Data
  • Supports Disconnect Data
  • Supports Encryption
  • Supports Expedited Data
  • Supports Graceful Closing
  • Supports Guaranteed Bandwidth
  • Supports Multicasting
Msinfo32 Network Protocols
Msinfo32 Network Protocols

Only file, size, and version are available for WinSock Settings:

Msinfo32 WinSock Settings
Msinfo32 WinSock Settings

Support engineers and network administrators can use this information to verify network configurations. You can also use the Network Diagnostics tool, which is available in Control Panel, to access information about your network settings.